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Marketing Strategy

Extensive automation and data-driven approach, as well as a professional team of marketing experts, allows us to scale user acquisition across all major ad networks.

We offer a multi-channel marketing strategy with dedicated network managers and custom-tailored approach, allowing for remarkably high ROI.


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Creatives to Order

Using our experience and data we offer production of ad creatives for your in-house user acquisition team. We produce high-quality videos for mobile games using animated characters, actors, and visual effects.

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Tech behind

Our Success

RoasUp Dashboard is a proprietary optimization and automation tool for mobile game marketing

Make better decisions based on data from different ad networks and MMPs

Track performance of each ad network, campaign, and asset with charts, breakdowns and insights

React quickly to changes with automated ad campaigns analysis and ensure a high ROI

RoasUp Dashboard is available to our clients FOR FREE


Our Clients Say

I believe ROASUP is one of the best agencies in the gaming industry and provides unmatched performance results while being fully transparent. In my opinion it's the only agency to use a system approach in UA which makes them a top player in the market.

Maxim Shatilov
CEO, WebGames

Working with ROASUP for several months. They've been able to maintain positive ROAS and are very easy and professional to work with.

Avetis Zakharyan
CEO at Rockbite Games

ROASUP is an experienced team with a powerful analytical basis, great optimization tools and a highly creative approach! Enjoy working with such a professional team!

En Mi Ten
Marketing Analyst, Panoramik